Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My open blog on education, outreach, and open source!


I have finally decided to create and attempt to maintain a blog containing my musings and thoughts, which could be interesting but are random at times. My focus will be on education, outreach, and open source.  Of course I am sure I will deviate and mention space science, Christmas and other holidays, and other random things as I think of them!

Some of my goals include discussing:

  • Education and how Open Source can radically change education:
    • Open source as an opportunity for kids of all ages
    • Open source hardware:  Arduino, Maple Mini, Papilio FPGA, etc.
    • Note that I contributed a monthly article to Open Source Schools about 10 years ago
  • Outreach including:
    • The Fredericksburg Linux Users Group (FredLug)
    • The Northern Virginia Astronomy Club (NOVAC).  
  • All things Open Source including:
    • Open source software
    • Open standards 
    • My thoughts and impressions on UNIX/Xenix circa 1985 and Linux circa 1993
    • My early thoughts on open source and why it would be a game changer
  • Technology and science:
    • Hardware, software, networking, and all things Linux
    • The Technological Singularity and how technological change is exponential
    • Photography and photo editing
    • Space science and astronomy (nope, no astrology)
  • The future!

When I started this project, I posted to Facebook and asked for suggestions for naming this blog.  These are some of the comments I received:

  • Wade's World -- taken, but not bad
  • Wade's Wacky Worls -- not bad but I want to de-wackyify the blog
  • Grey matter -- Grecian Formula will cure the gray (but not the hair loss)
I've been mulling this over in my head for months but finally decided to take the plunge.  Join me on this venture and PLEASE provide feedback (positive and negative). 

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  1. Try not to make it too preachy. though I could see this getting very interesting