Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Photo Editing on Linux

On September 26, 2015, I will be at FREDLUG at the England Run library in Fredericksburg, VA discussing photo and video editing on Linux.  I will be working with a couple of other presenters on the agenda  My focus will be on photo editing and managing photo collections using Linux.  This subject is dear to me as I have been processing photos on Linux for many years for my kids Cheerleading competitions, Karate events, Weddings, family photos, nature photos, etc.
I frequently take photos of a very wide range of subjects:
  • Art:  museums, sculpture, paintings, family-created art
  • Astronomy:  astrophotography, planets, sunrise, sunset
  • Family:  kids, weddings, Christmas and related events
  • Nature:  day and night, forests, mountains, waterfalls, trees, sunrise/sunset
  • Photo art:  creative shots with multiple cameras, creative post-processing, etc.
  • Scanned images:  from film typically including very old family photos
  • Scanned documents including some 100-year-old telegrams
  • Sports:  Cheerleading, football, and karate
  • Technical:  circuits, equipment, Arduino, buildings, family inventory
  • Travel:  ancient sites, interesting structures, Churches, Mosques, Temples, Wats
I have used many, many cameras, film and digital including:
  • Canon 50D and 350D, plus other Canon and Nikon SLRs, and mirrorless systems
  • Celestron and generic digital microscopes
  • Multiple web cams 
  • Raspberry Pi camera module (5MP)
  • Point and shoot digital cameras including Nikon Coolpix, Olympus, and others.
  • Canon AE1 Program, EX-Auto, and misc other film cameras and SLRs
  • Scanned images from family pictures, some over 100 years old
I have used many lenses on the SLR cameras including 50mm 1.8, 20mm, zoom lenses, etc.

When processing photos on Linux, I primarily use these tools:
Note, Picasa is not open source but works well for non-destructive editing of large sets of photos.  I began using it years ago, so still use it to organize the huge sets of photos I manage.  I still use Picasa as it is fast and does retouch well, but am considering moving to Digikam.

This is a good review of image editors for Linux at techradar.com.

For processing RAW images I have used multiple tools.  I really liked RawStudio, however the link at http://www.rawstudio.org seems to be broken so I used the link to github.  RawStudio seems to have less support so I am leaning towards Darktable.
  • Darktable:  seems slower than RawStudio, good for batches of images 
  • RawStudio:  good for batches of images, seems to be dying or not well supported
  • UFRaw: good for single images

Some image software and editors I have yet to try, but am interested in:
My next mission is to move from Picasa to a fully-open-source image processing workflow stream that is compatible with the current version of Fedora and that supports my existing photo hierarchy. I will post my progress in this task in future blog entries.

I may have to stick with RegiStax for stacking astro images.... Again this will be the subject of a future blob posting on Astronomical Image processing on Linux.

I have stitched together some panorama images using Hugin with excellent results.  I also tried to make HDR images using Luminance HDR (with varying degreees of success).

Many cameras can be directly controlled from Linux using Gphoto2, for example I can change the ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and shutter for my 50D.  I can command the camera to take 20 pictures, 1 second apart, and download them all from a script.  Great stuff and also the subject of a follow-on post....

I have done only a little video processing on Linux.  The options here are not as mature.  
I will do a post in the future about Video on Linux including my experience with Kino and Kdenlive. This seems to be an interesting Linux video editor review at linux.com.

Update:  9/28/2015:  The presentation went very well.  We demonstrated a lot of applications and captured from a webcam, Celestron microscope, and the Canon 50D!

Some of my photography can be seen at:  https://wadesfavorites.shutterfly.com/.


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