Sunday, March 15, 2015

Random Linux and OSS Thoughts

Just some random thoughts....

I've been working with Docker lately.  It is a great tool for containers (more or less like light virtualization) and I have several use cases that could use it for things I am developing!  I now have Docker working on one Fedora desktop and two Fedora laptops, including my RedNeck Model 1 (a very old Gateway 1st gen 64-bit laptop held together by packing tape).

Last weekend (2/28), we had a great FredLug ( meeting in Stafford on Docker. Thank you Jamie Duncan from Red Hat for a great presentation!

Please note that FredLug ( is planning a meeting on Linux in the Movie Industry on Tuesday, April 7th.  The presenter will be Klaatu who I met a few years ago at SouthEast Linux Fest. Klaatu works on Linux and filmmaking at an international Oscar-winning visual effects studio in Wellington, New Zealand.  This will be VERY interesting (however I may have to miss it).

From a posting by a fellow member of FredLug:

At FredLug we're having a guest speaker from far away on the other side
of the world come and talk to us how movies are being made with Linux,
Open Source and all kinds of stuff that our LUGs talk about all the time.

Klaatu will speak not as a representative of his work place which
produces big blockbuster movie special effects, but as a community
member and open source evangelist - cover the types of tools being used
to create these amazing movie effects.

Please consider joining us - it's on a unusual day and time: April 7
(Tuesday) at 7.15pm to 8.45pm - at the Rappahanoc Regional Library in
Fredericksburg. If you know someone who are interested in either the art
of making movies or how Open Source creates new avenues for progress, or
both - please share this event with them, and please have them (and you)
sign up on the meetup page. We've reserved a room large enough to cover
quite a crowd but we still need to have an idea about how many are
planning to come.

For comparison, I as I mentioned in my blog post on Superfish Bites, my wife's new Lenovo Winblows 8.1 laptop seems to be working well again after addressing CERT Alert TA15-051A on Superfish.  I don't do Windows, but when I must, I slog through it.  Working with Windows is the best way to raise my blood pressure.  Total time to fix the laptop (so far) is about 3 hours.  I wonder if I can bill Lenovo or Best Buy for my 3 hours (worth more than what I paid for the laptop).

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