Thursday, December 11, 2014

Technology and Biological Challenges

This will be an interesting post as it is the first new post I have written since I had a biological challenge last summer (i.e., a health issue requiring surgery, no not a lobotomy).  As a result, I'm now part cow, so can't eat beef as it would be cannibalism :)

Most of my posts focus on some aspect of technology or education.  This will be a bit different.  Most of my career has been technical (yes, manglement too).  I have a BSEE degree and have written hundreds of programs during my career.  Technology is at the core of my career and hobbies and I like to think in technical terms and use logic.

However, when dealing with staff, I have to address the biologic nature of human-to-human interactions.  We like to think logically, like Mr Spock, but in reality, we are analog, chemical-based creatures, getting older daily and continuing to evolve intellectually.  Where technology is involved, this can create conflict.

This past summer, I had a health issue requiring major surgery.  (I had planned on taking advantage of the scar for Halloween -- I even had the fake blood, but I ran out of time.)  I had known since I was 14 that I would have to eventually have surgery to fix this issue, but I guess the warranty was up and I had to pay the bill to upgrade myself this year.  This was a reminder that I am a biological entity which requires difficult, analog fixes and long times to recover....  However, I'm better than I've been in 20 years!

Our technology is not to the stage of human-scale Artificial Intelligence and machines completely building new machines, but we are close.  We are not yet able to replace parts by powering down, changing a part, and powering backup.  However a football quote comes to mind:  "wait till next year".

Yes, we live in exciting times!!!!

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