Friday, April 11, 2014

How Linux has Changed The World

I'll keep this one short.

How has Linux changed the world?
  • Linux rules the data center (Amazon cloud, Rackspace, OpenStack, Google...)
  • Linux is growing on the desktop (especially with Chromebooks from Google)
  • Linux dominates in tablets and e-book readers (Android, Kindle, Nook, etc.)
  • Linux dominates in smart phones (Android, Ubuntu, Firefox)
  • Linux rules in embedded systems (Blu-Ray players, TVs, routers, Internet-connected devices)
  • Linux is even in space (Andorid phone micro-sats, upgrade from Win to Linux on ISS)
This site lists the Smart Phone Market Share through 2013 -- Android now dominates with 78% of the market.  At the heart of EVERY Android device (phone, tablet, TV, etc.) is Linux.  It may be locked down or hidden, but it is there.  We have a smart TV with Android, Android phones, and a Google TV, all which include Linux.

Chromebook sales are going through the roof with an expected growth of 28% per year.  They are eating up the lower-end of the market for laptops.  Remember the netbook -- those initially ran Linux too.  Microsoft got wind of people actually buying Linux netbooks and not Windows, so Microsoft resurrected Windows XP for netbooks and negotiated deals with netbook vendors to ship only Windows netbooks and stop this Linux madness.... Microsoft can't stop the Chromebooks; look at the wonderful reception Surface tablets have had (don't you love the new Samsung tablet commercials flaming Surface?).  

Chromebooks are even being used by Governments!  A London Borough just announced they will replace Windows with Chromebooks to save nearly $500M(US) per year.

Please note that Microsoft Surface is doing well in one market -- college engineering students who are REQUIRED to purchase a Windows tablet or touch-screen laptop and a lot of Windows-only software (cheaper than what my son had to have 2 years ago -- $2K for a touch-screen laptop plus Windows software bundle).

How has Linux impacted you?  Your business?  Your family?


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